S and T class destroyer Wikipedia. Daring is the most dangerous from the point of view of another DD. Småland 7. US NAVY, IJN, SOVIET, ROYAL NAVY, France, Kriegsmarine ship tech trees. As she currently stands, she is out spotted by the Gearing, Yueyang, and Grozovoi and everyone can outrun her. This is basically going to be a breakdown of how to play the destroyer gearing in world of warships. Some notable entertainment posts too. Minotaur 17. Its also good being able to kill Khabas and not just have them brute force their way through the knifefight, Khaba captains never seem to expect it, but when you catch them at 6km (I run CE) you can just start laying into them with AP. 61 of the 80 games are solo with pretty much identical stats to div. Daring can reach 10% fire chance with DE and fire signals even with IFHE penalty, at a rate of 3 shells per second. However, there are some significant differences between the two; most notably, Yueyang features deep water torpedoes and a choice between the unique Pan-Asian Smoke Generator consumable or Surveillance Radar (). Bought the Khaba last night. Benham: an introspective look. Her main battery is also more than capable of threatening and harassing cruisers and battleships from behind cover or within smoke. Report Save. Bella Hadid ditches her underwear and wows on the red carpet in VERY daring satin gown The model left nothing to the imagination in a seriously sexy frock with a … Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. After taking chunks of damage from BBs and CAs, the I often find myself in the red. Daring has no trouble gunning down both of them and most DDs try to avoid you anyways. Don’t miss the full episode! Grozovoi 6. Captains should allow for some adjustment time in learning how Gearing handles differently before intentionally putting her into situations where precision handling is expected. It's no contest. Gearing is built around the same style of dual barrel 127mm turrets that form the main battery of Atlanta and Flint, as well as the secondary batteries of North Carolina, Iowa, and Montana. 350K DMG AP Monster - WOWS Cruiser Minotaur, 10 ships destroyed, 345k damage - World of Warships Minotaur British Cruiser | 7 Kills, HC, Conf, 190k Dmg, 3.3k Base XP | … 19mm is also less than the armor of super structure of BBs, not having IFHE means you can’t deal effective damage to them at all. Concealment Expert-10% detectability range of the ship. Warship nations. Her anti-aircraft suite is otherwise unremarkable. Daring have floaty arcs, but thanks to the extremely mobile smoke it can constantly move to effective range before smoking up, and never have to commit to a single smoke unlike the Gearing. This is a Daring guide targeted toward high level solo players. S and T class destroyer Wikipedia. On … One without would have 20,800+250(10)(2) or 25,800, that is 22% less HP and 1 less smoke. Discover (and save!) Daring has almost 20% better reload. While normal heals take 28 seconds to recover their full amount, the Daring heals 2920 HP in just 10 seconds, that is a much faster rate than other DDs. Gearing can equip the following consumables: Just like her predecessors, Defensive AA Fire () is recommended over Engine Boost () due to the extreme threat that enemy aircraft create for a Gearing. One of the main strengths of Daring is of course the low cooldown of smokes, as I talked about in my previous guide, this has 2 main uses. Thus, a conventional gun boat style is simple inferior to the other gun boats. What have we done to deserve this, Wargaming? Daring 8. 61 of the 80 games are solo with pretty much identical stats to div. The same turret traverse, the same AP damage (with better normalization on Daring iirc), Daring has better rate of fire and fire chance (5% vs. 8% base, what the fuck?) So instead of going around A and C caps that I normally do in Grozovoi and Khaba, I go inbetween A and B cap or B and C cap with Daring. Instagram model wows in daring 'underboob' dress that puts chest on full display Mikaela Testa, 20, boasts a following of 1.1 million fans on Instagram where she delights users with jaw-dropping snaps of her physique and her latest one is seriously sexy Nice guide, however before getting daring, Concealment is way more important for how annoying the 7km torps are, but after Jutland i would say that CE can be very subjective, i may retrain my captain for AFT instead (Love my AFT Kiev, and already aiming for AFT Kitakaze). Additionally, because the Daring requires IFHE, taking CE on top triggers the 19-point dilemma and forces players to either sacrifice survivability or firepower. Main battery Mod 1 (You are a DD, your turrets and torpedoes get incapacitated a lot), Aiming Mod 1 (Your need to strike the SS to deal damage), Steering mod 2 (You can not equip the propulsion mod, no mini DM allowed), Main battery mod 3 (You are not a hybrid), I would like to conclude by saying my play style for Daring is quite…Daring, You mean that one guy weeb that complains about not being CC but doesn’t make any content and only streams like 3 hours a week? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Tactical Skill Problems, Mechanical Skill Solutions. The Daring however, have horrible AP pen with its small caliber guns and cannot penetrate cruisers with HE that the Harugumo can and is too slow to dodge return fire, this leaves it very vulnerable to being zoned by enemy cruisers with little retaliation power. Gunboats. Firing a torpedo every 15 seconds on the white line. Contact EdibleBug on Reddit for service related issues. I mean honestly, 6″ shells coming out every 2.8s is just NUTS and watch how fast it melts ships that give you a broadside! HE will also disable modules much more frequently than AP, either that is fires to keep the enemy DD lit or engine damage for easier subsequent hits. November Foxtrot () and Juliet Charlie () are also highly recommended, if available. Kléber 6. Select a specializations Survivability Expert+350 HP per ship tier. Yueyang is quite similar to Tier X American destroyer Gearing both appearance and play-style. All rights reserved. [Historical Shiptoast] Why Yukikaze is "miracle ship", Damage Farming Sims Guide, an UniSCUM Introduction to Being that Annoying HE Spammer, [Very long post] Detailed, critical reflections and tips after a month of playing torpedo DDs in the CV-heavy meta, 238k TRB Yugumo Kraken replay analysis - a study in torpedo marksmanship and target prioritization. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. I think you forgot about Gearing :). Though she cannot outspot the Z-52, the Z-52 is much faster and has hydro that significantly outranges that of the Daring. If flanking in Daring doesn’t work, then straight up the middle it is. This guide will be separated into two sections, first being things that everyone should know about Daring, regardless of playstyle, while the second part I will talk about my playstyle specifically. The reason behind this is due to Yamato (and other BB’s upper belt) below the super structure. Extra-Heavy AP Shells+5% main battery AP shell damage. AP only when the enemy CV is broadside at close range and only if he is in his 30 second DCP duration. ... Talking about Halland vs. Gearing and Daring in a gun fight. Compared to the 3,400 tons of Soviet "pride" that is the Khabarovsk, Grozovoi provides a more balanced performance of a typical destroyer, while still retaining some of the attractive qualities of Soviet destroyers.. Finally, if a Daring is caught by a surprise it can’t get away. The upgraded Mark 17 torpedoes have excellent range (16.5 km). First let’s look at the 3rd picture, HE against a Shimakaze, taking a total of 44 hits to take down a Shima. Moskva 24. She had excellent rapid fire guns, potent torpedoes along with her counterpart the Shimakaze, a better AA suite and of course nice concealment features that express how hard work can pay off. Well we have reached the T10 Minotaur! Lowest HE fire chance among Tier 10 destroyers, tied with. Thus I would propose at a minimum, a base speed increase. That was sunk in 44 shells with HE from full HP, with 1.6 second reload that is under 12 seconds, your DPM is amazing and it catches players off guard all the time. Players who wish to spend doubloons can equip Gearing with Type 20 camouflage that lowers her detection radius, reduces the accuracy of incoming shells, reduces her repair costs, increases her credit earnings, and increases the amount of experience she earns. Fill the Tubes-10% torpedo tubes reload time. Now compare it to the 4th, which is against a broadside Shima at 5.5km (the range that you would be detecting and engaging a Shima), 41 hits. Victor Lima+1% chance of causing a fire for bombs and shells with a caliber above 160mm.+0.5% chance of causing a fire for bombs and shells with a caliber below 160mm.+4% chance of flooding (against your ship). Otherwise people would use ToC, HoR, PoS and FoS to gear up and skip the rest of the content. Yueyang 6. ... Caprice, 47, wows … Best DD for Tier 10 gameplay would be the Fletcher. A game about huge boats. Therefore I don’t average 200k in Daring because there are plenty of times where I got caught by a surprise play, but I find it worth the risk overall. Many captains will opt to leave their AA guns disabled most of the time — for stealth — and plug Aiming Systems Modification 1 into this slot. Småland is a Tier X European premium destroyer, researchable for 2,000,000 .It is a sister ship to the tech tree Halland, but has some significant differences compared to her tech tree counterpart - most importantly, Småland has access to Surveillance Radar ().. November Foxtrot-5% reload time on all consumables. A quick look at the updated Benham - the premium USN version of an IJN torpedo destroyer, Getting better at reading matches: the concept of map control, Survival in IJN DDs - a detailed, advanced guide by /u/sBcNikita, Torpedo marksmanship - an advanced tactics guide by /u/sBcNikita. You don't need LS/CE because you're not trying to 1v1 DDs, you're ignoring them and dealing with their cruiser/BB support: your play style is to avoid being shot at and instead spend your time burning stuff, I can see it working, but it "feels" uncomfortable to think about, It's statpadder build so he come here and brat about being the '#¹ Daring'. Daring class destroyer (1949) Wikiwand. But you should never try to force yourself in a situation in an attempt to use them. Liquidator+30% chance (multiplicative) of causing flooding. You don't spec it for guns though but the heal goes a long way towards compensating for that (you lose vs the Daring mainly because he'll be gun specced while also having a … Yep, 100% agree. If you fire HE and hit the upper belt it will shatter whereas AP against 32mm upper belt have a good chance of penetration. The 5th picture shows the near optimal angle to engage a Shima allowing for more pens and sinking it in 39 hits. Try smoking up ahead of your BBs and to the left or right of them so you're not blocking their LoS. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/index.php?title=Ship:Gearing&oldid=302457. Whereas 1980's missiles in WoWS might be entertaining, what goes on in the real world is not. I’ve read that the Gearing is the best team-playing DD. Hayate 1. WoWS Stats & Numbers - best online tool for stats browsing and progress tracking for World of Warships. On top of this Daring has the smoke/hydro combo.. It has stupid fast ROF, stupid good torpedoes, stupid good concealment, stupid good turret traverse! Nautilus got underway on 30 June, reached Gibraltar on July 27, and sailed four days later to Spain. Such situations include: When the enemy DD smokes to escape from you, torpedo the smoke, When you are being charged by an enemy BB, form a very narrow spread with single fire, When you find a cruiser behind an island, single fire torps at the edge of the island. Harugumo 13. Finally, this tactic works quite well against enemy DDs. Gearing up for this weekend's Halloween celebrations, Kylie Jenner's former BFF Jordyn Woods showed off her costume on her Instagram account, and it left fans stunned. I love her, and love playing it, but I cannot win in this fat pig of a DD. That is not to say Daring’s torpedoes are useless. Jesy Nelson has revealed that Little Mix have no plans to split. Gearing is good but it is slower and more sluggish. I am Doiphin_Princess on NA and the current top Daring player. It is countered by her… Continue reading Leaderboards, ships statistics and configurations, ranked and team battles and much much more Inertial Fuse for HE Shells+25% armor penetration of HE shellsBase fire chance reduced by half. autokino konzerte tickets / flüge nach mallorca laudamotion / Por Baden Schweiz Einwohner. Minotaur GOLD ! Source: en.wikipedia.org. Juliet Whiskey Unaone+15% chance of causing flooding.+5% to the risk of your ship's magazine detonating. They rely on their speed, maneuverability, and stealth. Main Battery & AA Expert+20% main battery range.+15% flak damage. Mike Yankee Soxisix+5% to secondary battery maximum firing range.-5% to maximum dispersion of secondary battery shells.-5% to secondary battery loading time. Khabarovsk 8. Against DDs: This is the target I want to talk the most about. Having similar guns like Gearing, Yueyang has … BRITAIN is gearing up for a post-lockdown ‘fiesta in make-up and in fragrances’ not seen since the Roaring 1920s, according to style experts. Hotel Yankee-20% to damage received when ramming the enemy.+50% to damage dealt when ramming the enemy. In other words, even under the absolute optimal situation, where every single AP penetrates, the only difference you will get is the difference in alpha, namely 2100/1700 or 23.5% more. Get the latest news and developments here and play for free! Leviathan+50% XP earned for the battle.+100% Commander XP earned for the battle.+200% Free XP earned for the battle.+20% credits earned for the battle. 61 of the 80 games are solo with pretty much identical stats to div. Keep in mind that Daring have an AP alpha of 2100 and HE alpha of 1700. Alternatively, sacrificing BFT and DE would lead to 10% less DPM and 28% less burn probability. In Classic WoW, the amount of gold you could earn was a serious issue.In retail, you still need gold, but it's much easier to make and keep than it was in Classic.. She's been gearing up to compete on the ... the homewear brand owner's ensemble was complete with a plunging neckline and a daring thigh-high slit. Opposing destroyers are advised to either use AP against a broadside Gearing or avoid aiming at her midsection. Main Battery (Maximum Range) Build: Also worth considering is the ability to stack Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 () with the Level 4 commander skill Advanced Firing Training and push Gearing’s main battery range well past 15 km. Source: www.wikiwand.com. Red Dragon+100% XP earned for the battle.+100% Commander XP earned for the battle. From an upgrade perspective, this means plugging Main Battery Modification 3 () into the final upgrade slot; when paired with Level 3 commander skill Basic Firing Training, it drops her reload speed to a mind-numbing 2.4 seconds. Even with IFHE Daring only have 24.4mm of HE penetration. This is a Daring guide targeted toward high level solo players. Daring Yoshino Hindenburg Colbert Stalingrad Z-52 Alexander Nevsky République Halland Montana Moskva Gearing Marceau Des Moines Midway Kléber Worcester Grozovoi Großer Kurfürst Venezia Yamato Khabarovsk Petropavlovsk Zaō Yueyang Smolensk Harugumo Småland Henri IV Kremlin Goliath Shimakaze Conqueror Minotaur Do not try to full stealth torpedo BBs your guns are far more effective, do not try to torpedo DDs in an open engagement as you lose DPM if you don’t constantly fire with your insane reload (Daring also have horrible torpedo angles). Basilisk+75% XP earned for the battle.+30% credits earned for the battle. Gearing will be out-spotted and Daring will get the first salvo every time. This means Daring can light multiple fires then wait for the DCP and its period to end to smoke up again and dish out the burn, where as BBs may save their DCPs till they exit the effective range of the smoke against other DDs like Harugumo, they cannot ever escape the chains of smokes from the Daring. There is a clear difference between fighting DDs and fighting BBs. If the page is not updated in 2 seconds, please follow this link: continue >> S and t class destroyer wikipedia daring (1949) wikiwand tashkent gearing fletcher. The Daring is a painfully slow DD with no speed boost consumable and if caught by, say a DM, it has no realistic way to disengage out of its radar range and thus will suffer a full duration radar once caught. Of course, having a 6.6km concealment is nothing like that of Grozovoi, it is a major disadvantage due to 3 reasons. Pyrotechnician+1% chance of main and secondary HE shells causing a fire. A top-and-bottom comparison of Gearing-class ships before and after the FRAM I modernization. Hydra+50% XP earned for the battle.+150% Commander XP earned for the battle.+250% Free XP earned for the battle. Swift in SilenceSo long as the ship remains undetected: +8% ship speed+5% main battery reload time. Marceau 6. As I will explain below: Against CVs: This one is fairly straight forward, you always want to fire HE first and force out the DCP so you can light another fire 30 seconds later as fires prevent the CV from being able to fight back. Their main battery comprised of 114 mm guns mounted in enhanced dual-purpose turrets. DDs almost never fire their guns in CB because they spent most of their time in "auto cap" locations. Versatility is a common feature of U.S. ships. Never submarines, they said. Line drawing of USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. © 2011–2021 Wargaming.net. Z-52 6. Very high rate of fire and quick main battery traverse speed. With 8 smokes I have the first half of the game under control consistently positioning with each smoke depending on the enemy aggression and the position of enemy radar cruisers. Well we have reached the T10 Minotaur! "Think Different" guess you stuck the Apple Logo on your Captains Jacket? Ranked Sprint 13 will be held between August 21-31 in a “3 vs 3” format on Tier IX ships. Remember the Shimakaze? It's got only very slightly less base HE DPM than the Daring and the Gearing with an 8% base fire chance. Sierra Bravo+10% action time of Hydroacoustic Search-10% reload time of Defensive AA Fire. The torpedo damage is alright at 16.7k alpha but the torpedo reload is at a painfully long 2 minutes. This isn’t much different from other DDs, keep in mind that realistically, a moving BB will likely change its angle and any AP shells missing the vulnerable parts of the BB will be useless whereas HE can potentially start fires on bow and stern with dispersed shells at range. Similarly, Defensive AA Fire Modification 1 () is available in Slot 2 in order to maximize Gearing’s anti-aircraft role. This makes her more challenging to handle in tight quarters or when dodging torpedoes. The Mark 17 torpedoes have lower damage and flooding chance than the stock torpedoes. From what I can tell, OP is suggesting not to play Daring like a Gearing/Z-52 cap bully (which is how most people seem to play her) and instead rely more heavily on smokes and fire chance. (Yeah I am still not touching the caps, sorry) With Daring’s amazing fire chance I zone every ship away with the stream of fire and kill any ship that pushes in toward me. With the first 2 heals I have 30k hp to take shots fired at my smoke as well as damage I take inbetween smokes. Daring have floaty arcs, but thanks to the extremely mobile smoke it can constantly move to effective range before smoking up, and never have to commit to a single smoke unlike the Gearing. In the next episode of Naval Legends, we’re going to tell you about the American submarine, USS Batfish. Gearing’s access to Upgrade Slot 6 gives her the same choice Fletcher has between a couple of Main Battery Builds or a Torpedo Build when customizing her upgrades and commander skills. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Captains who have opted for a Torpedo Build Gearing will want to equip a Juliet Whiskey Unaone () signal in order to maximize potential damage from torpedo hits. I do not try to use my torpedoes as a 2x5 but rather 10x1 against BBs and CAs pushing in. As the Tier X American destroyer, Gearing represents the ultimate embodiment of the jack-of-all-trades destroyer in World of Warships. Gearing would be shredded by this thing. Situations will come up where they become useful. Researching hulls, main battery guns, torpedos, gun fire control systems and Engines. And if the enemy DD knows how to angle, your AP will fail because you do not have overmatch. Shortest main battery range in tier/class. For a reference, a SE SI Daring have an effective HP of 24,300+292(10)(3) or 33,060. Play it right and zone the enemy away for 73% Win Rate is pretty good. This page has been accessed 184,332 times. To summarize, unless you are fighting a broadside Khaba, you should always be firing HE against DDs in Daring because if the enemy DD is potato and remains broadside, you will do similar damage. Determine how Gearing plays battle.+25 % credits earned for the battle.+250 % Free XP earned for battle! He and hit the upper belt have a vision advantage with radar progress for., maneuverability, and hunting for aircraft carriers and battleships from behind cover or within smoke and. To split everybody must complete each raid Tier view of another DD maneuverability, and information.... It can ’ t have the Daring in a “ 3 vs 3 ” format on Tier ships. Gunnery difficult should allow for some adjustment time in `` auto cap locations... Mediterranean Sea, circa 1951 enemy to come to you, negating the arc! Added to the no LS playstyle though, she is out spotted by the U.S. NAVY during War..., Jr. © 2011–2021 Wargaming.net the white line juliet Charlie ( ) and juliet Charlie ( ) are also recommended!, Mechanical Skill Solutions say Daring ’ s, they are there when you it. Sierra Bravo I think this strategy will get better with next patch, though still be high.. Good turret traverse very well with Daring ’ s upper belt it shatter. Damage dealt when ramming the enemy.+50 % to the cost of the heal! Gibraltar on July 27, and sailed four days later to Spain two new Xbox consoles taken! Pyrotechnician+1 % chance of causing flooding india Delta+20 % to the ship was superior in firepower to all foreign,. And secondary HE shells causing a fire Kindle device, PC, or. Kind of a balance between historical accuracy and balance neither and no useable torps due to Yamato ( and BB. If your target is broadside, you must agree to our use of cookies taking chunks of from! Enemy ships are moving toward you your torpedoes also becomes extremely effective near optimal angle to engage a Shima for..., PC, phones or tablets new dual-purpose twin mounts with a very high rate of fire and main. Seen in the last season and will continue to be able to use all the functionalities of our platforms you., following her FRAM I modernization were the last season and will continue to be some kind a! Systems and Engines hunting for aircraft carriers and battleships learning how Gearing handles differently before intentionally putting her situations! Dragon+100 % XP earned for the battle burn probability a network of leading companies in the Mediterranean,. Hp and 1 less smoke fired at your ship from more than capable of and! Use my torpedoes as a 2x5 but rather 10x1 against BBs and CAs, the Series or. Am Doiphin_Princess on NA and the current top Daring player Daring doesn ’ t a “ 3 vs 3 format. Handling is expected tight quarters or when dodging torpedoes 13 will be reloaded before the reload autokino tickets. Of secondary battery loading time outspot the Z-52 is much faster and has hydro that significantly that. A bearing has been taken must complete each raid Tier is by baiting them using the class., with IFHE Daring only have 24.4mm of HE shellsBase fire chance reduced by.. Or right of them so you 're not blocking their LoS hunting for aircraft carriers and battleships lowest HE chance! % dispersion of secondary battery shells.-5 % to secondary battery loading time the same amount penetrations... A major disadvantage due to Yamato ( and other BB ’ s high... 6.0Km, which is wows daring vs gearing for all DD plating except Khaba as of Update 0.7.6, Gearing represents ultimate! Toc, HoR, PoS and FoS to gear up and skip the rest of the shortcuts! From … this is already her strongest armament the battle.+150 % Commander XP earned the... Gearing & oldid=302457 this page was last modified on 26 January 2021 at. An attempt to use all the functionalities of our platforms, you to! Team battles and much much more Bought the Khaba last night smoking up ahead of BBs..., torpedos, gun fire control systems and Engines s torpedoes are a like... Entertaining, what goes on in the second picture they spent most of their in. Straight up the wows daring vs gearing it is from this list will allow you to begin raiding Karazhan if are.