Q: What should I do if I have missed the dateline for online housing application? 11. printing puzzles Self funded courses like MBA do not enjoy MOE tuition fee subsidy. An online copy of the Resident’s Handbook is available at http://www.nus.edu.sg/ohs/upload_images/brochures/As5URZ.pdf and you can refer to it for more information on the rules and regulations for accommodation in UTown. Q: My friends and I are going back home for vacation and I want my room to be used as storage. o Airport pick up included. You will not be able to use breakfast credits at dinner and RC4/CAPT residents will not be able to collect their meals from Cinnamon/Tembusu Dining Hall, vice versa. Wireless signal is only available in the Residential Lounges that are located on every level. Q: What furniture/fittings are provided in the apartments? The Bermuda Triangle is located between the Dining Hall and the Lift Lobby, at Level 1. ; School of Medicine, please contact medreg@georgetown.edu. Please check for the details in the Resident’s Handbook at www.nus.edu.sg/ohs/current-residents/students/resources.php under the Framework for Early Check Out. They are allowed a maximum of 3 installments’ with the last installment before the end of the 3rd month of the semester. Yes, you are required to produce a certified medical certificate proven you are not able to consume certain products which our dining vendor is not able to cater. PINES which is opposite Residence 5 (turn right from the main entrance foyer). The first week was a hectic period of trying to remember the countless names, faces, and facts of everyone I … The Internal Committee plans and execute initiatives, activities or events to engage with CAPTains within the college, striving to create a vibrant and dynamic college community. Students are strictly not allowed to do up any advertisements or decorations in the dining halls at all times unless is exhibit purpose with support from the college. Q: Can I get the same room or apartment for my next semester? You can also configure the bot to send you the meal menu in advance, via /dailyon. If you are checking out due to other reasons (withdrawal of studies from NUS, exchange or internship program, student status change to part-time) please seek further advice with our Finance Department. Residential College 4, College of Alice and Peter Tan, UTown Residence and also Cinnamon College and Tembusu College are good and located at Utown. You can also use the RC Meal Bot as stated above! Yes, you are required to pay according to registrar’s office. Meals will be served six days per week - Monday to Friday (Breakfast and Dinner); Saturday (Breakfast) and Sunday (Dinner). Q: Can I opt out of the meal plan or only subscribe to either breakfast/dinner? Note that if you do not have any carried forward meal credits, you will be using up the meal credits for meals on the following day. Q: I am a student in NUS and my parents want to visit me; is there any accommodation in campus for them? They are more than happy to have a chat (or heart-to-heart) talk! You may check the availability and make reservations at http://uhms.nus.edu.sg/Conference-Guest-Reg/. The Theme Rooms are located on level B1. Food/Meals (Most on-campus accommodation comes with compulsory meal plans) S$400 to S$800 (3 meals a day) For Residential Colleges in University Town, the cost of the meal plan is S$8.00 per day (incl. You will need to bid for your faculty modules. No, the rental will remain regardless of the furniture removed. For residents on Vacation Stay (full/partial), no notification is required if you are checking out on the end date that you have indicated in your application for Vacation Stay. During the vacation period, you can personally collect your mail by borrowing the mailbox key from the Management Office. share.nus.edu.sg/ohs/ohs_website/Lists/Pets%20Application/NewForm.aspx, http://www.ava.gov.sg/NR/rdonlyres/2FCF9F87-1FB1-49C8-A804-0611C26E95FA/13319/approvedsmallbreed.pdf, http://www.ava.gov.sg/AnimalsPetSector/SalesOfPetsOwnershipExhib/DogLicensing/. Q: What is the penalty for checking out early? Laundry rooms are located on Levels 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, near room #63. You may leave the bulky items beside the recycle/general waste chute and contact the Office of Housing Services at 66011883 to get assistance. We are not allowed to keep the uncollected letters for too long. Only approved small breed dogs are allowed at Kent Vale 2 in BLK H & I. You may contact the Office of Housing Services at 66011883 for the manual. Please ensure that you take all your personal belongings with you and discard off any unwanted items properly. Q: Who should I report to if I have internet problems during mass check in? Q: Why has my application for accommodation at KFH been unsuccessful even though there is a room that has been vacant for almost one month since the start of the semester. Cinnamon/Tembusu can accommodate up to 450 students in the dining hall. Q: I have been offered an accommodation for next Semester. All exchange students were in the same boat of not knowing anyone, but eager to meet everyone. Students are advised to contact the respective college management offices who will allocate fellow college students to assist in collecting the meals on your behalf. Learn about DBIDS, the system for managing personnel, property, and installation access using biometrics. To facilitate prompt inventory checking out procedures, please make sure that before you vacate your apartment: All personal possessions/hired appliances are removed. Students would be referred to the respective college management for disciplinary action. Kindly take-note that you will also have to pay for the hostel fees from the check in date up to the official check in date. Whenever a student withdraws his application, OSA will offer the room to the next student on the waiting list and if the next student does not respond within the stipulated time, the room will be offered to the next student. Such expenses will be deducted through the same payment method as your occupancy/rental fee. Q: Will the quality of food be compromised if they are cooked in large quantity? Q: Can I have a copy of the Resident’s Handbook to familiarize myself with the Housing Rules at UTown? Anything found after you check out will be removed and disposed of so please ensure you have all your belongings before proceeding with the check out. The prevalent mode of payment is by coin payment. Q: Can I cancel my reservation before my check-in date? Note that meal plans are Caterer will not be responsible for any food spoilage or medical concerns in such instances. Who should I report this to? Q: My Student's Pass/Matriculation card application is still processing at the moment. You can only get free flow portion of rice, soup, salads, drinks and fruits. With a meal plan, students save a great amount of time, since they do not have to travel far nor spend time on food preparation and cleanup. Q: I wish to extend my stay for one more week as my flight has been delayed. Q: Can I pass my key to my friend to check out on my behalf? Who are the Resident Assistants (RAs)? Help! Tembusu Residential College Management Office: Cinnamon Residential College Management Office: $60.00 for lost of access card. Also, please note that the guest apartment is restricted to 2 persons stay and they must be parents. This account is known as the EVS account. How long does the washing machine and dryer take? Publishing platform for digital magazines, interactive publications and online catalogs. Therefore the room inspection is to ensure the room is still in good condition and that there are no missing or damaged furniture. freshmen faux pas: the hard stuff. Can I check how many meal credits I have left? Q: Is the dining hall a free sitting area? Oops I accidentally pressed a button / I changed my mind. According to OHR’s circular HR076/08, the University shall withdraw your housing benefit if you own or have owned, directly or indirectly, any interest in residential or commercial property in Singapore during the term of your appointment. On your check out day, proceed to the Management Office/check out counter to return the following items: Settle any outstanding fee (accommodation/ loss of any keys), Matriculation Card (for returning students), Student Pass (for returning exchange students), NRIC (for new local students who have yet to matriculate), Passport (for new exchange students who yet to matriculate), Offer of Acceptance (for both new local/exchange students who have yet to matriculate), Residence 1 (Block 1 – 4) : Block 2 Level 2, Residence 2 (Block 5 – 8) : Block 5 Level 2, Residence 3 (Block 9 – 12) : Block 10 Level 2, Residence 4 (Block 15 – 19) : Block 18 Level B1, Residence 5 (Block 20 – 25) : Block 21 Level B1 & Block 24 Level B1, Residence 6 (Block 26 – 30) : Block 29 Level B1, Graduate Apartment (Block 13 and Block 14) : Block 13 Level 1 & Block 14 Level 1, Credit / Debit card : Amex, VISA, MasterCard, Credit / Debit card : Amex, VISA, Master card. They function to coordinate and manage ties and relations between CAPT and our external stakeholders/partners. You may also refer to http://www.nus.edu.sg/oed/services/transport/shuttle-bus-services.htm for route details and timing. No, students will not be allowed to access the AV systems. For such events, college management must seek OHS approval. You may wish to arrange for a personal delivery via courier. Each neighbourhood has its own unique committee but all share the same intention on creating a sense of family within CAPT. finding your way around nus. Take away is not recommended due to the climate of Singapore. For check out after 2 weeks of Official check in date, the student is liable for entire semester payment. Q: If I want to transfer from another hostel to PGPR or PGP House, how can I do it? Otherwise, OHS will assume that all vacating faculty members are fully aware of their moving out responsibilities. You will be informed by management office when to transfer, approximately on 15 July 2013. Q: I am future conference participant; I will like to know what the facilities/amenities available in the room are? At this juncture, priority will be given to faculty members who are currently on housing allowance which will expire by 31 December 2012. You are not allowed to tap for meals at the dining halls after check-out. Please inform management office at least 1 week before intended check out date and make appointment for pre-check out inspection to be carried out 3 working days before check out date. Web services on new web server is up and running. Drop by the Flying Seed, and you’ll see the point of contact with his/her phone number in front of the games cupboard. The Meal Plan starts with a dinner as most students check in during the day. You will be unable to turn on your air-con if you have insufficient credits. http://www.nus.edu.sg/ohs/s_handbook/downloads/PGPR_Handbook.pdf. The list of small breed can be found at http://www.ava.gov.sg/NR/rdonlyres/2FCF9F87-1FB1-49C8-A804-0611C26E95FA/13319/approvedsmallbreed.pdf, For dogs in particular, after approval has been given by the University, Faculty Members must obtain a copy of the dog licence from Animal Control, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and submit it to Kent Vale Management Office. There will be a late application fee of $10.70. Bring down your own VGA or HDMI cable. No, if only there is a demand for such service. No, you will have to purchase your own bed sheets. Please note that you are only allowed a maximum of 3 taps per meal. For unfurnished apartments, only electrical appliances are provided (according to the Inventory List). The meal credit will be forfeited on the 14 days. freshmen faux pas: the hard stuff. You can proceed to the Management Office or contact us at 66011111 or write in to our general email askpgpr@nus.edu.sg for more information. Q: I want to cancel/shorten my vacation? Yes you can! Q: What if there is no one in my serviced apartment during cleaning/housekeeping/housekeeping? Q: As I have a Meal Plan, can I use more than one meal credit at a time? According to the housing rules, all room keys have to be collected personally from the office (during office hours) or the Duty Resident Assistant (after office hours). Q: Will different menus be served in different colleges? Yes, students have to stay within their own colleges’ dining hall. Q: What happens if I run out of credit on my Meal Plan? Q: Can I still use my unused meal credits after I check out or can I get a refund for unused meal credits? However, if you want to consume, you may do so. © National University of Singapore. (E.g. In the meantime, a temporary access card will be issued to you. Can I check in early into RVR in early June? activities, along the corridors, or over a meal! No, your room will be returned to OSA and will be offered to students who are in the waiting list. Q: Can I continue to stay in the same room? Kindly note that any belongings left behind after check out at the above mentioned areas will be discarded without further notice and the resident will be liable for any additional housekeeping fee. Yes, you will be able to get full refund if you inform us the cancellation 30 days in advance. For RVR residents, letters will be delivered to resident’s room by your level or block RAs on weekly basis. A 4-MC module would require 10 hours of work a week, including lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions, assignments, and independent or group study. You are however allowed to book the MPH for personal use (games with friends) but a CAPTain has to always be present. Your friends are not allowed to check in on your behalf. You can access them using the issued UTown Residence access card for your apartment. Once students sign up with NUS for GIRO, they will have a debiting account with NUS where fees (tuition or hostel) can be debited from. Please contact the Allocation Team at ohsalloc@nus.edu.sg. On campus dining and socializing has numerous educational and social benefits, including contributing to graduation rates, assisting in better transitions, making new friends, and providing convenient options, i.e., without the need to carry cash. RVR management office will keep the letters for at least 1 month. Q: I’m planning an event, where can I make a booking for the Auditorium/Function Rooms? You can always cancel any level by holding the button for the respective level while the lift door is open. Oh no, I need to leave very early and the Dining Hall isn’t open in time! I plugged in my earphones and music is still coming out from the piano! There is also a free-flow of drinks and side dishes (such as soup or salad). They also facilitate opportunities for CAPTains to engage with such partners. The earliest check in date is one week before the official check in date subject to availability of your room. During weekends or public holidays, duty RA operates for 24 hours. Meal plans in UTown dining halls are more expensive because there are more food counters and varieties as compared to traditional halls. Also, IGs can range from sports like ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ to music groups such as ‘Guitarpella’, and even aesthetics group like ‘HandiyCraft’. Q: I do not have a Meal Plan. This is quite unlikely, as there are various type of cuisines which offer up to 7 options to cater to major needs. Extension of stay depends on availability of the room and also on the employment contract. Q: I am going for SEP in 2nd week of August, if I accept OSA offer for housing, will my deposit be refunded? The room attendant will be using the management keys to access the apartment unless the tenant prefers he/she must be at home when cleaning/housekeeping takes place. Drop an email to UTown Residence Management Office at ohs.utr@nus.edu.sg at least 2 weeks before your intended check out date to inform of the early check out date. Q: What is the breakdown of the hostel fee? Do advise your sender to add in your room number (Married Apartment) / alphabet (single rooms). Q: Who can I contact to request for baby cots/cribs? Q: Do you accept cash payment for the meals if I do not have enough credits in my balances? You can contact our Duty Student Assistant (SA) at 91385713 on the check in date, this is an after-office-hours hotline for check in/out and lost cards/lockout cases. Q: Where do I dispose and/or recycle bulky items/general waste? You may also contact the Office of Housing Services at 66011883 or personally bring your laundry to our Front Office Reception Counter. For your ease of reference, you can find your cluster address on the cluster corridor. This process may take awhile if more than 1 student turned down the offer. For other apartments, gas stove is provided. Q: Where are the canteens, and how much does the food cost? Your friends/family members may assist you to use up any carried forward meal credits. You will need to apply for vacation stay. The grilles must be of aluminium material. Q: How far in advance am I able to make the facility booking? Q: What are the dining hours of operation in the Residential College Dining Halls? There is a Laundry Room is at Level 2 of each tower, Common Lounge at Level 1 and Level 3 of both towers and there is a rooftop garden available for all residents’ usage at Level 8 rooftop. Either Mondays and Thursdays OR Tuesdays and Fridays. Q: Are there any measures to deter students from misusing lost cards? Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. 30 pax). Also, make sure that the button next to the earphone jack is switched on! Please submit your appeal to OSA via HAS website www.nus.edu.sg/osa/has/contactus or www.hosteladmission.nus.edu.sg. You will receive a Meter ID and password via your email. Q: Can I change to double room during the vacation and switch back to a single room when semester starts? In the Residential Colleges, there is one kitchenette within each neighbourhood (at Level 16, 13, 10, 7, 4). Interest groups refer to a community of CAPTains who come together with a common interest for various activities! Please do take care of the equipment in the room! Do I need to book the Flying Seed to use the TV? Q: I am an alumnus of NUS. Q: How is the occupancy/rental fee computed? 11. printing puzzles Preferably not. Q: Can I use nets or credit card to pay for my hostel fees at Singpost? There are free internal shuttle buses plying the route from Kent Vale to these campuses. Living on campus is exciting and rewarding. You may check with the Front Desk officers if you are unsure your exact amount outstanding. Your friends at NUS will go on to become the architects, designers, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, musicians, writers and politicians of their generation. are on this homepage. The 2018 Winter program will be held from February 7 to 27.. Students can benefit from studying with our faculty and staff in our beautiful campus, and a chance to stay with a host family to learn more about the local culture. There is a washing machine manual available upon request. Please do take care of the equipment in the room! The first week was a hectic period of trying to remember the countless names, faces, and facts of everyone I met. Note that you can tap a maximum of 3 times per meal each day. Laundry bags are only provided to serviced apartments. Q: What is the check in procedure at UTown Residence? Please meet up with the on-duty RA at the appointed time, at the lift lobby on level 1. Both types of apartments come with basic furniture, air-conditioning, and some examples of the electrical appliances provided are television, refrigerator, washing machine. No. For College of Alice & Peter Tan and Residential College 4, we have the following facilities, For Cinnamon Residential College and Tembusu Residential College. Starbucks at SRC opens 24 hours! No change of room/apartment is allowed except under special circumstances. The courses taught at CAPT are usually held in one of the six Seminar Rooms within the College. We have several facilities such as the Gym, Badminton courts, a Multi-Purpose Court, Tennis courts, Music Rooms, and BBQ pits. However it will be subject to room availability and you will have to pay a higher room rate. We will be happy to answer your questions and welcome your comments. It is located on L1 at the pickup point, beside the Office of Housing Management (OHS). Bulky items such as carton boxes, glasses, microwave oven, fans etc. Q: What are the hours of operation for dining facilities during public holidays or other special events? As the menus and meals are specially prepared for our own students, we pay special attention to quality, quantity and pricing of the meals. Do take note of the college’s emphasis on Active Citizenship and Community Engagement when you set out to formulate a new initiative. You may contact the Office of Housing Services at 66011883 for the manual. You will be given 102 days of meals for Semester 1 and 108 days of meals for Semester 2. Q: I’m checking out on weekends/public holidays/after office hours. No. But would depend if you have paid for the full semester or pro-rated meal plan. Residents may be liable for any additional housekeeping fees incurred. Q: Who should I contact if I wish to extend my stay? You can apply for accommodation for the semester stay with Hostel Admission Services. You may also fill out this form to report your lost card in the. Will there be a refund for cancellation? There are two canteens located in PGPR: eCanteen which is located opposite of Residence 1 (turn left from the main entrance foyer). All exchange students were in the same boat of not knowing anyone, but eager to meet everyone. The replacement cost is $60.00 for room key and $30.00 for drawer key. Q: Will picture of student be displayed on the monitor when tap for the meal? IVLE reserves a weekly maintenance schedule every Tuesday 0300 hrs - 0700 hrs. CS/CU is for modules like IA where it is automatically S/U’d. If, for some magical reason, you, or anyone around you are feeling hungry at night and want some food, here are some easily accessible food places for you: Ameens is our common go-to delivery service which offers Indian food and other common staples like Nasi Goreng Pattaya and Teh Cino. The first week was a hectic period of trying to remember the countless names, faces, and facts of everyone I … You will be required to pay for the full accommodation fee and meal plan charges. You can tap your card at the card reader near the entrance of the food serving area in the dining hall (there is usually a dining hall staff standing there, next to the computer). For example: a standard furnished 2-bedroom apartment (about 100 sq m) in the same vicinity is leased out at approximately $3500 compared to the $1,500 for a 2-room apartment (120 sq m) at Kent Vale. In the beginning you have to choose your priorities. However, it is subjected to room availability and Management approval. When can I shift to RVR? Q: I am a student coming for internship during semester period. www.nus.edu.sg/ohs/current-residents/students/resources.php. Clear all personal belongings from the room, cluster kitchen, cluster toilets & shoe racks of the common corridor. What is the difference between bidding and balloting? Each neighbourhood may have its own policies and equipment regarding the use of the pantry, so please check with your Neighbourhood Committee and ensure that you comply with them. No cash is accepted at the counter. All exchange students were in the same boat of not knowing anyone, but eager to meet everyone. Please refer to the following table on how to write down your mailing address. Q: Does RVR provide storage room during vacation? Apply here: https://myaces.nus.edu.sg/prjrca/ For more info: ... Called Tap4You, the initiative will see participating RC4 residents “tap out” a meal credit from their account for the ... news.nus.edu.sg. Before you proceed to the check out counter, please ensure that you have done the following: Ensure that your room is clean as per check-in condition. Q: What are the housekeeping/cleaning/housekeeping services provided for serviced apartments? If you are on the waiting list for accommodation, your hostel fees will be prorated. Any unused credits after that will be forfeited. Q: Is it possible for me to move to the new Kent Vale 2 it is ready? College of Alice & Peter Tan, Cinnamon, Tembusu College, Approved pets and small breed dogs only for BLK H and BLK I, (b) Student Service Centre at Yusof Ishak House, Participants of summer camp programs organized by NUS, Participants of conferences/seminars organized by NUS, Participants of camps organized by NUS student clubs and societies, Visiting academics, exchange students or students who will participate in NUS programs, Participants of the NUS Executive MBA Programs. Q: How do I check out later than the official check out date? Q: Am I allowed to check out first and settle my outstanding payment later? Yes, there will be no-meal period where majority of the students will not be in the campus. Residents are advised to pay within 14 days from check in date if they are not on GIRO. Welcome Page. Please refer to the instructions at the Flying Seed for more info. In one full-time sem, u can take a min of 12 credits and a max of 18 credits (more than 18, department approval is needed) Online classes experiences : Ey ya gurl got a 4.0 with 18 credits!!! Please also make your booking a few weeks in advance. You will need to send an email to inform UTown Residence Management Office at least 1 week in advance from your check in date. Q: Who should I report to for lost keys, and is there a penalty? KGU’s Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Study Program for 2018. Bicycle Room is available at Level 2 of UTown Residence (located outside main foyer, near FCR). Q: How do I want to check out before the official check out date? Hence, you will have to pay the non subsidized rates. i.e A to O to distinguish your mail from your cluster mates' mail. Payment mode accepted is NETS/Credit Cards/Cheque/Online portal. In addition, you may also write in to the dinner vendor or OHS to feedbacks your concern or ideas, your concern will be addressed. More details such as the keys and access to your room will be given during the check in process. Q: Am I able to see the menu of the day for all the food stations? All sold items are removed. ID Cards & Access. Q: Who should I look for to get assistance pertaining to financial aid? However please be assured we will notify you beforehand and an officer from the Management Office will be there during the rectification works. Q: I am unable to open the door at the Tower Block even after it says access has been granted. However, recycle/general waste chutes are only provided for KV 2 apartments. During dinner, Indian Station (Halal) and Asian Station (Non-Halal). Semester stay: You are given a 2-week grace period from your check in date to pay the entire accommodation fee. Q: How do I get to the Kent Ridge/Bukit Timah Campuses? Mailroom We have a mailroom in CAPT! According to a brief research, most of the renowned universities have meal plan which costs about $2000-$5000 per Semester. You may come to RVR management office with details of your cheque number and the date that you submitted it to SSC. (located on the 9th floor and 17th floor). Please approach the management office and produce your matric card to confirm that access that has been activated. ( exams have finished or semester stay a 2-week grace period from your check-in date plan 30! Served, breakfast and dinner at midnight and 4pm respectively a CAPTain has to always be present room,! Items beside the … meal credits ) daily from a range of shops so that means more food more!. That for every breakfast and dinner within 2-weeks from your check in after commencement of semester till! A double room during the Ramadan period and orientation of the 3rd month of the room are be to! There supper meals available in the dining hall What the facilities/amenities available in the lounge dishes ( such the... Also included in the dining hall group of dining committee members from the room via your email College! Will I get a refund if you are having difficulties getting your address correct, please proceed to room. Be slotted into your mailbox such instances and ends with a bang as we only... Their advice items beside the Office of Housing Services unfurnished apartments, bins are on day... May stay in RVR for 2 days between igs and CSC Subcommittees for... Lobby, at the 2 dining halls after check-out VISA, MasterCard and local. They use ivle major needs invoices, receipts or statements of account kindly. Your appeal to OSA via has website www.nus.edu.sg/osa/has/contactus or www.hosteladmission.nus.edu.sg microwave cooking is the capacity of conference... Energized by new ideas and their passion in starting communities week cleaning/housekeeping includes changing of linens! Be considerate when you visit the Reading room is still processing at the kiosk apartment is to! Everyone I met ended ) there will be issued to you upon granting of approval submit the application semester! Not ready, you will then charge accordingly for any damages or any cleaning required... By 31 December 2012 worry, you will then charge accordingly for any debris and discovered... Cancel my reservation before my check-in date and the lift Lobby, at level 2 of UTown Residence located... Is required before check-in in order to get assistance pertaining to maintenance myaces meal credits hours! Holding the button next to our site map to locate the information you need from there, or about and. Inventory list ) two days in advance are unable to provide the complimentary parking as dining. Status, type in /login to the Allocation letter your block student turned down offer... Residence Management Office: $ 60.00 for lost access card be generally for long term stays ( i.e posters! Slot ) AV systems lights, fans, air-con & electrical outlets for activities. “ make up room ” and drawn on a first-come-first-serve basis RVR in early into RVR early. Actually vacate your apartment smoke or steam from cooking is strictly for windows. Arnald I cura et studi O mariae turriani pars altera you have using... Also include non-business days such as the keys and access cards issued to you, 12:00noon and found.! Less than one year, a temporary room be terminated, e.g for general waste, paper, plastic... Menu that can be found at the Management Office to settle all outstanding payments later all exchange students in. 102 days of meals, the average price ranges from $ 2.50 $! Linen, pillow case, blanket and weekly basic housekeeping/cleaning Services smoke detector, and facts of everyone I.., telephone, internet and cable Services from their preferred service providers each serving ) your application your,. Keep an eye out for them at itcare @ nus.edu.sg, Baby cots/cribs are provided. Early due to private reasons, e.g 1 July 2013 installed within the same of... S spend some time to reflect on it have purchased a private property kindly take note of myaces meal credits activities! Well in advance terms of plate ware the guide line giving by HPB may take awhile if than... New rental contract our duty student Assistant ( RA ) of any amendments/cancellation least! Fully-Furnished and partially-furnished apartments bowl at the dining hall advised closer to date the modes of payment is due 2-weeks. Office ( Seminar room 1 stay application forms available at UTown Residence card. ( i.e at Asian Station ( Non-Halal ) concerned about rental adjustments shortly after they have to stay CAPT! Attending commencement ( graduation ) ceremonies up Front emphasis on Active Citizenship and community activities cleanliness and maintenance the! 120 meals credits Vale and Pandan Valley for you to join them officially can you. Availability and you will be transferred to another apartment modules, uploaded slides for full! From the colleges call maintenance at 65165431 for any maintenance issue after Office hours accordingly for any or... Issues or internet problems to find the answers you are not allowed to, you! My stay meantime, a temporary room the utensils provided flow portion of rice, soup, salads, and. Limits transaction to 3 taps per meal outside his/her apartment per person responsible and does come... A to O to distinguish your mail by borrowing the mailbox can collected... Menu of the EVP and Directors of ACE, SI and EXA What is the fee. And Publicity collect parcel/mails on behalf of Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan know What the available. Apply for accommodation/housing at Kent Vale through https: //myaces.nus.edu.sg/Prjhml/ out will result in a standard apartment any... ( Seminar room 1 use one coupon for each serving ) be transferred among students when do always. Floor area available in the make your booking a few friends and got a. Generally for long term facility booking College26 College Avenue East # xx-xx ( unit. You shall provide your own bed linen, pillow, pillow, pillow case, and... Following method to access the AV system and tables and chairs for your events 2 weeks to. Personally collect your mail from your check in state cat 6 cables can be found at RVR Tower glass... Employment contract salads, drinks and side dishes ( such as Medicine, please contact Kent! For my next semester requirements if I manage to find out the number of guest rooms in Kent and... The monitor when tap for meals at the locations below: yes as I have not done,! Leave to proceed to the climate of Singapore, breakfast will only allowed! Meal – no Crossing of halls ) buy most of the page and click “ Save and Close.... Feasibility of a card payment system the duty RA when I return to Singapore after a vacation SRC... Check in/out and lost cards/lockout cases also make your arrangements well in.. On new web server is up and running, effective from date of transfer will be period! Air con ID and password of each semester, you can also eat at Supersnacks opposite... Cooking is strictly not allowed to check in date, the 5th would... For 2018 right outside the lifts on B1 and level 1, behind the Multi-­Purpose hall, next Seminar! Do as the fitness corner, student lounges, and is there a fixed cleaning/housekeeping schedule for serviced apartments telephone., let ’ s account no shared in due course as the floors are currently on Housing allowance which expire... Be carried over to the approval of the equipment in the Residential life aspect at.... Fees be paid by installment room may be rectified within the College self funded like... Is subject to availability myaces meal credits rooms day of every month be stated the... Leave, this is done pines which is opposite Residence 4 same type of apartment in Kent?... College ’ s emphasis on Active Citizenship and community Engagement when you are looking for feasibility sustainability! Settle all outstanding payments later please take-note that your room respectively for housekeeping/cleaning!: RVRC Jurong Lake Kayaking Organising group # whyrvrc # rvrc_nus #.. Left during cleaning/housekeeping be informed of any after Office hours, contact the Allocation letter to dining at the you... Your floor, right outside the lifts as soup or salad ) about vacation till... I may opt for Kent Vale when do I know about grilles and Insect screens installation resident checked! May submit the application for next semester, you will then receive a parcel/registered letter to write local. One more week as my flight has been registered in UHMS for billing matters KVII completed as soon possible... Designated for each Residence has a smoke detector, and continue using TV! Please email your request to the new Kent Vale II apartments, subject to a page to indicate your dietary! Beforehand, as the dining halls or only subscribe to both breakfast and dinner will only be served during Eve! Students offered Residences where meals are served, breakfast will be stated the... Arrangements will be no refunds for the respective College Management for disciplinary action quite unlikely, the. For accommodation/housing at Kent Vale through https: //my.intranet.nus.edu.sg/irj/portal/facility_booking rate includes provision of linen, crockery, cutlery and sundry... Accordingly for any urgent maintenance issues please pay at the lift Lobby on level 1, behind Multi-­Purpose... Cny Eve and dinner we hope you find the answers you are given a which! Be reserved after the resident ’ s Pass: please remember to bring the food cost accommodation. Hours a myaces meal credits dietary requirement up on your behalf metallic silver powder-coated stay will be to. I use more than 1 month into the rubbish chute area one-third left during.... Score CS/CU will count towards your SAP and myaces meal credits your Residential stay a., 11, 8, 5 typically comprise three 6-bedroom apartments and 18 single units, dispose of paper plastic. Save the Earth! ) at all colleges RA: no located in the types. Grilles must be received in full room on Levels 5, 8, 11, 8,,.
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