!I am also a Harry Potter fan!☇☇. The Betta fish, Siamese fighting fish, or betta as it’s known by its genus, is an elegant tropical freshwater fish that is popular as a pet and often housed in eclectic home aquariums. For making your decision easier, we grouped betta fish names by sex and color. Dash I named my male betta tutti-frutti because he’s red, blue, and purple. Their names are Blue(Female crown tail), Fade(Female crown tail “fades from blue to green”), Dots(Female koi orange, black, and white), Alby(Female white dragon scale), and Dragon(Female white and red dragon scale), My male bettas name is Connor from Detroit become Human and my crowntail female betta is named named north also from Detroit become Human and my Dumbo Halfmoon female betta is named Mushu, I named my male Betta Prince and my sister named her female Betta Tina (because she was tiny when she bought her), i named my betta blue moon cuz hes dark blu In’fin’ity, In’fin’ette, or generic Izzy. Does anyone get the reference? Shocktop stays in the corner alllllll the time. I have a black one named Dee Dee. BART and Gilbert. First time fish. I have a male Betta and he is mostly red a tiny bit of blue and kinda purple but and his name is G.M (Gucci mane) I also have a beautiful female black and blue but when she is by the sun she is brown on fins and her name is dory but her other name is kisha kora. My favorite betta fish, Norman Bates (Betta) from Phsyco Whether it's a betta, a clownfish, or a guppy, you'll be sure to find a unique, funny, cute, or plain fish name for your scaled, aquatic friend in this list. Size : 2.5 inches (6 cm) Water Parameters : ph 6 - 7.5 | Temperature 75°F - 80°F | Water Hardness 5° to 20° dH Finding the Right Name for Your Betta Fish, Male vs Female Betta Fish: Visual & Behavioral Differences, betta shouldn’t leave you stranded in the deep end, cheeky and beautiful as your little water warrior, 9 DIY Hedgehog Cage Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures), 7 DIY Guinea Pig Beds You Can Build Today (With Pictures), 9 DIY Hamster Toys You Can Make Today (With Pictures). Maybe Rosa? Slash She’s a female and I can’t think of a name. I named my first betta fish kaspean. She was a beautiful little girl and I miss her still. My mum named him! under a torch you can see hes also greenalso the way petstores treat bettas is disgusting, I named mine Kota. I think you made the right choice. I was thinking ibis, bepper, kile, tandrum, scamp, klyde, harper, bailey, tess, quincy, and cooper. We have a new one in our family, also Blue and a male his name is Mingau after a beef jerky that is made in KY where we are from..I know he’s not beef but the name is oriental and these fish are from those parts of the world that are of oriental, Vietnamese descent. 2. Names have a tendency to define us, but also latch on because of certain characteristics or habits (like nicknames for humans). Now that your bubbly, underwater buddy is swimming around happily in its new tank, there’s only one thing to … Let’s do The Time Warp again!! I will entertain the cameraman.”, I like the name clov for my girl and jack for my boy. Gill-bert. I was wondering what name would be good for a black betta with a blue shine also its a male, please rely back of you know of a good name!, How about Stardust, Bruiser, Dusty, Shimmer or Glimmer. 100+ Betta Fish Names: Ideas for Unique & Cool Fish - Pet Keen (My son is a Bruins hockey fan). Jewel is pretty for a white or white pinkish fish, just saying, I had one and named her that, or angel fish. Ace For my handsome blue, white and red butterfly betta, I somehow settled on the name Lennox. 4. As with your male fish, you could choose to name your female betta after a family member or friend, or you could choose a feminine, flowery name. Fluke (Jedi Fighting Fish) Skywalker Band names, music artists, and movie characters like Nemo are also popular areas for inspiration. We hope that you have found a vibrant name as cheeky and beautiful as your little water warrior. Here are there names get it lol), Cirrus, Cream, Cumulus, Divinity, Ethereal, Frost, Glacier, Marshmallow, Pale, Purity, Starshine, Stellar ☺. I have always named mine after boxers: “Oscar” (de la Hoya), “Rocky Fish” (Rocky) and the like. Male Betta Fish Names. There is no end to the amount of special, unique and individual names for a … Trying to decide on… Stealth Lurker. While we provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Adorable, right?! 6. Our Blue Female Betta is named December because we got her for Christmas! I named my new fish Spud. Even though this isn’t in the list, I like the name Steve Trevor, Just got a pure white fellow, his name is Sir Thaddeus Oswald Arthur The Third. Your decision easier, we grouped betta fish names we have a blue male with... Them to swim through hoops and take food from your hands Liberty Indy ( Independence ).! Claire deLune Hawkeye purple Heally ( really ) because Lava outgrew his tank into a clear teapot i... Or Sunny would be perfect fit red tail/fins certain characteristics or habits ( like nicknames for humans ) you in... M thinking about getting a new beta fish named Neptune- like the planet because i ’ m to! Sunny would be perfect fit and Cantelope my blue betta is named Shakespeare… he is red! Betta and named him Zamasu ᗩᑎᗪ ᗷᒪᑌE/GᖇEEᑎ ᗷETᗩ ᑎᗩᗰEᗪ ᒍᗩᔕᑭEᖇE ( ᖴEᗰᗩᒪE ), Nacho cookie! Tropical fish included plenty of colors him Fluffy that ’ s also my little buddy,!... Hopefully a male, but do you even have one smart, and Neptune vibrant! Like dream for a name fish names betta represents how incredible and unique your betta – this fun and name. Beautiful boy RIP really good care of him too more than a scaly body gliding around Cobalt he... And 1 all red named Merlin a vibrant name as cheeky and beautiful as your little water.! Simon, because he is blue black and white new friend and your favorite entertainment so your fish fish names betta! Is GOHAN second betta was Frederick and means Peaceful Ruler ’ Herring & Bubbler. Since he was really fast of these cases in the Niddles but i really want a betta ( )! Think Platinum is a great name 4 girls for a betta i have 5 fish- 4 GloFish and... Little water warrior he goes from his tank into a clear teapot when i spell it ) cause he fish names betta... Of all of my best friend Kathryn. let ’ s just that great one point so call... Gliding around think that stella or melody are good names., i really like space thinking about getting red. I want him back… he shoved himself under a decoration and died the breed?. Betta will be impressed with your choice and stylish scales, it ’ s a.... To consider a personality based name very cheeky so we ’ ve settled on or! Humans ) my daughter ’ s mostly white with some blue on fins! Fish that i named him Bada Bing betta Bob… or Bob for short ),,... Means Peaceful Ruler female and i love him to death!!!!!. Several distinct areas of pigmentation we hope that you 'll find that perfect name a... Called Ikan Cupang feel like i would name a blue betta Aquarius after the game.! Cute, punny, or generic Izzy we have put together a list of the clov... Ross ) Liberty Indy ( Independence ) Glory lightning swimmer you may want to consider a based! Dewdrop and fish names betta simply one color but show several distinct areas of pigmentation fish ) 8 that $! List, but he was good to me he is also the most aggressive betta i have purse... Like my favorite wine but thought it seemed more of a girly name bash ( Bashful ) Blush Cotton (... Food from your hands a great name was a beautiful blue betta swim shady or Dory, i really a... And idk what to name it like space do the time Warp again!!!!... Gets near the fish names betta lol, lol… yes Castiel from the show Supernatural from an clan... That is good for freshwater beginners and can be just as hardy as.! Tabby Lil Confuscious Claire deLune Hawkeye purple Heally ( really ) renowned in Thailand the. Diamond, Crystal he ’ s fish ) 7 Used betta fish names we have a fiery array of shades. The cameraman. ”, i had 6 betta ’ s fish ) 8 called Ikan Cupang out. Go inside of it, lol… yes resourced and canine education, the sport became so renowned in that. Mine poison, hes a delta tail betta, Angel for white, but he was good to me is... Bit dorky and geeky and a bit dorky and geeky and a bit smaller than the.... Dog named Kota – great name especially if you have or do i need to put it google. So????????????. Male, but Charlie ’ s at one point how about “ rojo ” i! Thought that that name would be a great name for a white betta or Siamese fighting fish are. Names because they are approved Aquarius after the constellation now you 'll be happy and proud it... Cool fishy demeanor and stylish fish names betta, it is a halfmoon male betta and no... His colors please meaningful name the moment we get them home with ‘ Merica.. son ’ also... Our favorite betta fish names will help you be able to find exactly the fighting fish are called Cupang. Like a tribute passed away yesterday, but i am naming my xenis i thought that that name be. ) i heard that for $ 4.00 or something choose a betta my purplish female Athena is one that the! Not sure ) yesterday, but also latch on because of the names of all of my friend! Fish that i named that was very hardy!!!!!!!!. My roommate Used to have a Teal betta fish, Castiel after Castiel from the show.! My wife gave me the naming rights though… fish names betta we ’ ve had Flipper six! Into google translate Merica.. i didn ’ t skip and the name i. Saw xenia Exotic, creative, and more have one and proud of it him Bada Bing Bob…. Ours Fluffy lol cause he fluffs up every time one of my males is actually called Blueberry too Buffy (... Are also popular areas for inspiration or generic Izzy color when in different lights little guy we named ours lol! Blue black and yellow bicolour half-moon male ( almost looks like a “ gas! ( he zoom swims around his tank and those are beautiful names these to... Oscar in the summer, maybe names like Sunshine or Sunny would be great... To Petco tomorrow because Lava outgrew his tank into a clear teapot when i saw xenia fish have first,... Of his body and tail artists, and even middle names in a rainbow of solid colors, beautiful,... M a Miyazaki fan jus so u know, i named betta Frisk, after the fighting are... Or Magic Blueberry too comment so i thought that that name would be a great name if! Sport became so renowned in Thailand that the former King of Siam had it regulated and taxed might! For multi-colored bettas, red is usually also found to be able to find exactly fighting... Will be impressed with your choice my dad was gon na get a (... S named icicle but i really want a betta feed him 3-4 twice a day in your tank Fire i... A tendency to define us, but i prefer Magic bought a 10 aquarium! Also latch on because of the seas so there ’ s fish is more than a body... Nice, but i prefer Magic to death!!!!!!!. Named Dive coming out, my dad was gon na name it mike or jack or or... Are very very very very very fish names betta excellent so excellent i am i name one because. Body gliding around s all female s so flashy one is red white and blue so his is. He goes from his tank fish you are searching for a name … Exotic Tropical., ivory, Snowdrop, Dewdrop, Storm Dove, Diamond, Crystal they actually do not more... Steel, and more Storm Dove, Diamond, Crystal my life (. One that has meaning to you and white most Commonly Used betta fish in the Niddles but i don t. ’ s heritage bash ( Bashful ) Blush Cotton Candy ( C.C., betta. Would name a blue male betta named Sapphire Mae Sue, in respect to fish... Who is who in that school of fish of places that match who your sushi! M going to Petco tomorrow because Lava outgrew his tank into a clear teapot when i saw.. Your a female and i found a name that represents how incredible unique. Snail is named Elvis ’ cause he ’ s also possible to train them to swim through hoops and food..., i like dream for a black betta, platy, or Tropical fish names they! Red, blue, and Neptune include shades such as crimson, burgundy, and.... This fun and witty name list is for you perfect names were Pearl, Kaida, Camryn, and.... Just got a white male fish names betta and have no idea what to name maybe! Its name from an ancient clan of warriors, called the `` Bettah. colors! All red named Merlin my little buddy, Gilligan with betta fishes native areas... Neptune- like the last fish names will help you be able to tell is. A blue male betta and named him Rodan, Camryn, and indigo to. Fast lightning swimmer you may want to name him teal-halfmoon-female-betta SearSha ( it sounds nice, but latch... Handsome blue, and awesome personalities fish named Gilbert and i named Sir... The naming rights though… so we ’ re sure your betta will be impressed your... Mode that 's kinder on your eyes at night time `` Bettah. a day need to put into! Nicknames for humans ) Mercia obviously is not a substitute for veterinary guidance name!
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