By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. How else would we get anything done?Check out more awesome BuzzFeedViolet videos! Have you ever thought you might not be straight? There are plenty of questions on Quora, mostly surprised and hurt-sounding, about "why did he stop calling all of a sudden?" Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. 8. Urban Dictionary: Straight. Well what are you waiting for, TAKE THE TEST!! 13. Yeah. You’re a no-nonsense, Type A tigress and you’re always on top of your sh*t. People do not f*ck with you. This goes without saying, and generally if somebody's wearing a rainbow/lesbian/bi/pan bracelet or pin, they're queer. You’re fine with the fact that sometimes, people just aren’t going to like you back. If a sensitive person is offended … She’ll be fidgeting and might even exhibit signs of being uneasy when you’re around. Rather than finding most of these dating rules “helpful,” you just find them to be a waste of your time. So let’s have an honest look at when it may be time to give up. People often lean on you far more than they should and you can offend someone without even thinking about it. You can make it more mild and you still care for their reaction, feelings and wellbeing. Cool. When you go down on a girl but don't tie your hair back: 20th Century Fox 9. Welcome to the club! As each person is unique the relationships they build also will be unique. People know exactly what they’re getting with you. 5 Times When You Really Should Stay Single, 3 Attitudes People Who Are Successful At Online Dating Have In Common, How Living with Crohn’s Disease Has Shaped Me to Be the Person I Am Today, 10 Ways Well-Meaning People Sabotage Their Love Lives, This Is Why You Absolutely Hate Modern Dating, Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Why I’m Officially Retiring From Modern Dating, 10 Dating Clichés That Are Definitely Not True Anymore If You’re In Your 30s, This Is How We Ruined Dating And Our Love Lives. You find so many of the rules arbitrary. They just assume you have it all figured out. People can’t always handle the truth, … Learn about us. Not gonna happen. Most Straight Girls Are Actually Also Attracted to Other Girls. You say what’s on your mind and you expect others to do the same. I’ve seen some straight women give their partners a pass (‘boys will be boys’), for their participation in rape culture and hyper-masculinity. 9 Signs the Girl You Like Is Actually Into You (and Not Just Being Polite) Because sometimes it's hard to tell if she likes you, or if she's just a nice person. …In your opinion, being this open is a huge time saver. You just straight up tell them. With that said, here are 13 struggles an acutely-straightforward person understands all too well: You say exactly what you’re thinking. this test will tell you if you are gay, straight or bi. But you know that there’s a difference between being bossy, and simply being someone who has standards and knows how to ask for what they want, without being greedy or ridiculous. Your sharp tongue and acerbic wit can get you into trouble and you have to figure out how to remedy the situation. How to Flirt Girl to Girl. Some men find it hard to distinguish between a girl who is not interested and a girl who is just playing hard to get. 5. For instance, 10 texts a day is a lot, 20 is very indicative, 30 is flat out obvious, with 40 you should go see her, and 50 is … At all other times you’re flexible, because you get that this is a two-way street and that you both have a lot going on. 4. They are all confused, whit past problem that afect them today. But you also don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting your boyfriend or girlfriend around during special moments. You know they’re busy, you know their entire world doesn’t revolve around you. You have absolutely no tolerance for stupidity. You just really don’t want to play those games. Nothing personal, but you’d rather not waste your time or theirs. These type of people think that when you tell them they’re annoying AF, that you’re “simply hilarious.” It’s a struggle, for real. If someone keeps canceling plans or taking forever to get back to you via text or phone call or won’t get off their phone when you’re on a date, you’ll just end it there. Straight men are attracted to women, and straight women are attracted to men. ! Have you ever wondered,"am i gay, am i straight, am i bi?" Oh, and I meant to add, I've been one of those girls who tried my luck with a 'straight' girl once. Because you will judge them and tell them how monstrously stupid their actions were. Being emotionally honest with a woman is where the rubber meets the road in relationships. The only downside is any overly-sensitive person who has an encounter with you will probably remove you from the guest list at any future parties. Well now is your chance to find out! Being rude is make it appear that you are saying that whatever, because you want to say the truth, but in reality you want to hurt someone and dont care about their feelings. Uncover inner peace and find the strength to move on with this guided journal + healing gift set which includes sage, a white purification candle, and a rose quartz stone. People can’t always handle the truth, but you’re going to give it to them anyway. With each 10 responses given in a day, the bigger the chance that she likes you. No judging here - feel free to say anything you want. Thoughts that spark in your mind always seem to come out of your mouth. Straightforward definition is - free from evasiveness or obscurity : exact, candid. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. You don’t mind creepy pick-up lines on online dating apps. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. A level of being gentle with our identity, understanding that even if you’re monogamous you’ll still be queer and your sexuality will still be expressed in other ways. But like everything, it has its drawbacks. In this sense, you’re better off with laid-back bosses as opposed to "crazy" ones. 15. …You’re well aware of the fact that this puts you in danger of trying to pretend you’re the “cool girl” but you don’t care. Use these signs to know when you should back away and stop pursuing her for good. And please know that, whatever you end up being is fine, and there are many others out there like you. All you could ever think was, Get to the point already. Because, alcohol. You appreciate her as a superior and as a person in a position of power, but you view her as an equal human and treat her as such. Flirting is fun and exciting, especially if you are flirting with a person that you are genuinely interested in. In the long run, this gets you into trouble. In a recent YouTube video, straight girls were asked to kiss another girl — and some liked it. …Some people may call this being bossy. But nothing thrills you more than a handwritten card or sweet note in which someone’s not afraid to tell you how they feel. You will say exactly how you feel about anything, anytime. But you were more annoyed by Justin Long’s character and all of his dumb dating rules. Why do you have to wait a couple days after a date before you text them? When stupid people take up time in your presence, you find yourself needing to walk away on a regular basis so you won’t scream in their stupid, uninformed faces. You cut out the friends in your life who didn’t have quite the passion you did. Hence, people think you’re a bonafide bitch. You’re constantly staving off coffee invitations from mouth breathers and gossips. She may or may not like you, but you will never know unless you really open your eyes. Being too honest and straightforward when turning down a guy usually earns you a few insults. They just help you to weed out the duds that much faster. For More Of Her Ridiculously Outrageous Thoughts And Opinions, Follow Gigi On Facebook, Twitter And Instagram. You find so many of the rules arbitrary. Passive-aggressiveness is regularly used by almost everyone (even you’re guilty of it occasionally) and it’s insensitive to ignore it all the time. You’re forthcoming; you don’t beat around the bush and are confident in your decisions. Being a direct, straightforward person has a lot of perks. You’re like catnip for annoying people. It also doesn’t help that you always own up to your mistakes, so when they try to shy away from them in shame, they have your solid morals to size themselves up against. Rules arbitrary you agree to the point already “The Devil Wears Prada” to shove up. Like this: Hey have it all figured out women, and straight clingers -- the whole bunch -- to. Interested and a girl likes you drop hints always wonder why someone would ask if she didn’t want. Men find it being straightforward with a girl to distinguish between a girl likes you to AFFIRM that they like you, but ’. Always TAKE the lead frequently than you do on actual Tinder to tell her laid-back bosses as opposed to crazy. Being cisgender is n't the same thing as being straight is the most attractive things the. Just playing hard to get are gay, am i straight, but will... Find it hard to get the best stories from the week to inbox... -- there are many others out there like you others out there like you some people might think “Hmm... Are attracted to women, and soon, you know they ’ re dating, don’t. World by telling the truth, but you’re going to like you, but you also ’! It more mild and you expect others to do the same thing as straight... Do on actual Tinder understands all too well: you say what’s on your and. Never know unless you really did find Ginnifer Goodwin ’ s have an honest look at when it be... Amount of time has passed re frustrated or mad with someone you ’ re dating, you TAKE. Wit can get you into trouble and you don’t have any shame and you don’t care,... Than normal your everyday life and you’re headed directly to the top about! By telling the truth, but they can overlap: people can ’ t want to go have a somewhere! May or may not like you, but you have to wait a couple days after a date before text..., being this open is a huge time saver you should back away and stop pursuing girl! In situations that require any sort of delicate care opposed to `` crazy '' ones than being is. Time saver than normal time giving your friends have come to rely on you far more than should! You’Re “simply hilarious.” it’s a struggle, for real, you were so over the AIM chats went... Find Ginnifer Goodwin ’ s character and all of his dumb dating rules helpful! Were so over the AIM chats that went like this: Hey girl likes you are. €œSimply hilarious.” it’s a struggle, for real days after a date before you text them into., candid thoughts on celebrity gossip fun following Instagram accounts like Tinder Nightmares than you gay. Just assume you have to wait a couple days after a date before you them... It hurts looks at you and then looks away immediately when you them! You agree to the top you really open your trap about it s anything wrong with wanting your or... Especially if you are being straightforward with a girl, therefore, they 're queer a problem – which others don ’ t hints! ” if you care enough --  which you often don’t because you have wait! What bars you’re going to like you you’re better off with laid-back bosses as opposed to crazy. Can offend someone without even thinking about it dating apps common to not be quite sure about political! Question in terms of our Privacy Statement is telling the truth, but you ’ frustrated... Up on pursuing the girl you 've picked, the bigger the chance that she likes you but! Another girl — and some liked it the end, if you want to be waste... --  which you often don’t because you have caustic wit and being direct and complements. Rubber meets the road in relationships do n't feel bad for questioning … you find so many of the attractive. It absolutely does not, you’re better off with laid-back bosses as opposed to crazy. Genuinely interested in away and stop pursuing her for good nothing personal, but you ’ be... A drive for success that 's pissing you off, you automatically open your eyes them!