Managing Director

JP Khoury founder of DPI4U has a strong experience in printing workflows and project management, from design to print, especially in PDF file preparation and printing processes optimisation and standardisation.
Acting as technical consultant on site for more than 10 years then, from 2011 to march 2014, in charge of Alwan's distribution channel development and support, JP Khoury actively contributed to Alwan's development strategy on new territories (EMEA).

• Trained and certified expert PSO by the UGRA, still involved in printing workflow standardisation projects, implementing solutions on production sites to achieve Standards.

• Closely follow ISO TC 130 committee’s works sharing experience with technical partner’s strongly implicated in ISO/TC130 and French standardisation committees as proactive experts actively involved new standards or work items drafting process.

• Among my experiences, I have provided consultancy to :

- Nestlé-Leeds (UK) pre-press and to Colour Systems-London (UK) engravure companies.

- Le Monde, Le Figaro, Les Echos, Maury Imprimeurs, Agir Graphic, Groupe Sego, Frazier, Press Vercors (France).

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