DPI4U Team has 17 years technical background and a strong professional experience in Graphic Industry

A new and very
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DPI4U allows Graphic Industry and textile printers to benefit from its technical knowledge and Solutions to achieve the following:

• CMYK Wide Gamut print on any substrate
• Hi-Fi / multichromy print on any substrate
• Textile sublimated print with digital printing
• Labelling and Packaging sublimated print with digital printing
• Implementation of rigorous S.O.P.
• Harmonization of working methods (Intra and inter-sites)
• Guaranteed printing process and rendering stabilization for long term

• Gain in efficiency and quality by standardizing your printing site
• Provide an Innovating SaaS system that monitors and analyses print workshop productivity for a continuous improvement
• Colour management CMYK, wide gamut, multichromy CMYKOG or any other combination
• Introduce more automation in your production process to reduce risk factors
• To reduce toner / ink consumption

Our Approach 2

DPI4U helps you identifying and analysing the weak points in your production workflow

Achieve the full
potential everyday

Our approach consists in auditing production printing processes and complete when necessary (software and hardware).

DPI4U proposes in exclusivity for France a patent-pending measurement and analysis tool that provides press owners and managers with real-time data, measuring the productivity of their digital presses as they are used on the shop floor.

Through simple data collection and instantaneous cloud-based analysis, SpencerMetrics System® offers an immediate view into the efficiency of digital press operation as it is actually in use.

SpencerMetrics System® is adopted by HP and Ricoh Americas.

Optimisation of your installation associated to our Solutions will allow you to gain daily production comfort and serenity.

Risk of errors is reduced thanks to SOP and DPI4U Solutions

SpencerMetrics System® can provide additional revenue starting from 15,000€ per year.

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